A Review Of The Website That Gives You Access To Your Shopping List From Your Own Website Or MySpace

Google has launched the newest free app called, "www Xolo Mobile Price List". I am not going to go into much detail about this app as it can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

www xolo mobile price list

So, what is this app? Well, it is a free app for Android and Apple phones that gives you access to your personal shopping list from your own website or MySpace. It has a mobile app for tablets too.

The app features a built in virtual assistant named Xolo, who helps you out with all the shopping-related activities. She makes all the shopping related decisions for you based on your recent purchases. There are many other features too, including an online diary where you can track your purchases, manage your lists and do different actions on your tablet.

In case you are the owner of a mobile phone, it gives you the option to browse the whole list through your mobile phone. That is so convenient when you get distracted while taking a call.

There is also a free version for those who want to give the app a try. The free version is limited but has all the basic features like syncing and has almost the same functionality as the paid version.

To use the app, you have to fill up a short questionnaire and let Xolo take the buying decisions for you. You have the opportunity to choose the latest seasonal items, search for the most popular products, store your own searchable product images, write reviews, share your best buying tips etc. It has a lot of options and features.

When you sign up for the app, you are automatically enrolled in the "www Xolo Mobile Price List" community where you can upload and share your product images, write blogs and even add other people. There are some really cool community features like, rate the app, tag pictures, vote for your favorite pictures and comment on products. There are even articles that will teach you how to start your own blog and even how to post articles to a blog.

You can find quality content on topics like, products that can improve your life, top tips on how to save money and more. It offers great insights that you can take back to the site and use as your guide to buy more.

In the paid version, you get all the features and the option to create your own custom list. You get a "Guided Tour" feature that shows you the places you should visit next and a special movie guide that makes it easier for you to learn about movies.

There is also a Blog Builder where you can share your knowledge with others and write articles about products and other topics. This makes it very easy for you to build a blog as it integrates the blogging features from WordPress.

So, for a limited time, there is a free version for those who want to give the app a try. After that, if you are a subscriber, you get all the benefits of the paid version.

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